Addiction Recovery Radio was started because my wife had formed a serious addiction to both Alcohol and Oxycontin. After many years of these addictions tearing our family apart, she finally entered recovery. From there, we have kicked her addictions and are living in a successful world of recovery going onto 5 years now (2012-2016). Thanks to programs such as AA 12 step, family support and some unconventional approaches to recovery, we are sharing our experience and stories with the public. We have essentially created a hybrid program using portion of different systems tailored to meet our needs. We want to help others who are in the same situation and perhaps our approach may benefit them. Our show focuses on AA 12 step program that is modified a great deal, natural and spiritual healing and positive living. We discuss many kinds of addictions and how to approach them from different angles. We are not clinical or medical experts in addiction. However, we ARE living success that willpower, support and love can kick the most severe addictions. We would love to hear from you if you have subject matter you would like to see covered, or to share your story.  We also do book reviews and provide many avenues of self-healing for those who wish to battle addiction in complete privacy.