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by Kevin on January 13, 2014









Anxiety and Self Detox from Pain Killers

Anxiety, Its the white elephant in the room while going through addiction treatment and recovery. For many, this is worse than the actual detox phase of treatment. Anxiety is an unexplained, uncomfortable feeling that something bad may happen. Almost to the point of knowing that you will not detox or complete treatment. Even worse, possibly relapse from anxiety. Well today we identify it, then we discuss how to deal with it.¬† Coping with anxiety will keep you focused on sobriety. It will also allow you to set goals and keep those goals. Although anxiety isn’t 100% treatable, you can do a very good job keeping it under control without sabotaging your goals.

Also, we dabble a little on something we came across called Self Detox from Pain Killers. We discuss how harmful this may be depending on your state/volume of addiction. We always recommend that people taking more than 2 pills per day should really detox from pain killers in a treatment facility that had doctors on staff 24 hrs a day. Your body will go through some massive withdrawals, some even harmful to the point that you could die in the process. Detox is no laughing matter and should be considered a medical intervention at an actual treatment facility or hospital.

It’s one thing to ween off pain killers in a smart manner by taking less and less as days and weeks go by. It’s another to just think quitting cold turkey is OK and has zero affects on your body. This is a very dangerous mindset that could put you in serious risk. So please, be smart and consult a treatment facility if you need to detox. It’s imperative that you detox under medical supervision. If you have further questions about this, please email us, thanks.

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