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Celebrity Relapse During Addiction Treatment – ARR42

by Kevin on February 4, 2014


rxCelebrity Relapse

We discuss a serious issue within the world of addicted celebrities who are relapsing after treatment and the new generation of recovery. Most of these famous people who are dealing with addictions have many demons in their lives prior to becoming famous. Some are even addicted long before they become a star or have underlining issues from the home that have put them in a state of depression. Although being famous and having a lot of money sounds great to most of us, they definitely have a battle of privacy for their remaining career. When these stars go into relapse, they are playing Russian roulette with their lives. Many go back to using the same amount prior to stopping. The longer they have remained sober, the more dangerous a relapse will be for them as their body won’t be able to handle the amount of drugs taken as before. Death is right around the corner when you enter sobriety and relapse, however… its not enough to scare people. Today, relapse is something we discuss because anyone of us is susceptible to this if you ignore the steps to prevent it.


We also take a look at the new shape of recovery. With the world at a fast pace with digital technology, how will this reshape recovery? We dive into a new world of dealing with addiction and how programs like the one here at ARR are effective in a busy and hectic digital world. Our program takes a few of the 12 steps and modifies it to work for people who have a family that can’t attend a impatient program or do not have the money to pay for treatment. Let’s not forget, you HAVE to have a desire to get sober for this to work. Otherwise, this will be a revolving door for you dealing with your addiction demons.

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