ARRSN32 – Prescription Drug Addiction Part 2 Show Notes

by Kevin on February 11, 2013


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Are you trying to decide whether you are addicted or not? Here are a few signs that perhaps, you are:

The physiological factors are:

  • Tolerance, in which a person needs more of a drug to achieve intoxication
  • Withdrawal, in which they experience mental or physical symptoms after stopping drug use

The behavioral patterns are:

  • Being unable to stop once using starts
  • Exceeding self-imposed limits
  • Curtailing time spent on other activities
  • Spending excessive time using or getting drugs
  • Taking a drug despite deteriorating health
  • Failure to meet obligations, such as missing work or school
  • Engaging in reckless activities, such as driving while intoxicated
  • Encountering legal troubles, such as getting arrested
  • Continuing to use despite personal problems, such as a fight with a partner


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