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by Kevin on March 7, 2016

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Identifying Addiction

So you’re an addict, great, you have identified yourself as someone with an addiction. That’s a big and important step for yourself. You are being honest with yourself and tossing the excuses out the window!  First question you should ask yourself is, today, right now at this very minute, do i like where i am at with my addiction? How is it affecting my life? Do you feel ashamed? Do you feel you have no where to turn? Change is possible and immediate with the right treatment and the proper support. Even if you failed before, you have to drag yourself up off the ground, dust yourself off and say, today is the day that i fight for my success and overcome my addiction. MY life depends on it! There is nothing wrong with past failures. As long as we identify where we went wrong, we are sure not to repeat that failure again.

So the biggest step we are going to take today is deciding to make a change. How do we start? Well, there are several factors we have to look at that may affect our sobriety. This is the Identity Crisis, see below:

  1. Am I an alcoholic or drug addict? If you say no to this, then you are not serious about sobriety.
  2. Are my friends a bad influence? Will they keep me sober or are they the reason i party?
  3. What stresses do you have in your life and of those, do they trigger a need to get high or drink to cope?
  4. How do i feel about myself? Am i positive about myself? Do i feel hopeless, ashamed, embarrassed? Can i change the past?
  5. How will i keep myself occupied during my spare time so i don’t relapse! Who should i surround myself with during this important step?
  6. Who have i hurt or affected as an addict? Can i make good on the negative past?
  7. Should i tell my family? Will they help? Have i burned down any bridges within my network?

These are very important questions to ask yourself. You’re finally able to admit that you have an addiction problem and that you need help.  The good news is, you have admitted it and you can fix this problem!
Friends Can Be A Bad Influence During Recovery

Bullet 1.)  Are my friends a bad influence and are they the cause of my addiction? If yes, this is where you need to make the clean break and walk away. As hard as it sounds, you NEED to execute this step to have ANY chance with sobriety. Remove the bad influences from your life if you want to take this seriously. A good friend won’t allow you to become addicted to a substance and a good friend certainly won’t drag you down with them if they are indeed addicts themselves. What you do with your off time to entertain yourself is more than likely the fuel for your addiction. For many, going out with friends pushes them to increase their overall intake for drugs or alcohol, or even both. Maybe you have some friends who really push that envelope and love to experiment. Perhaps, they are in denial about their sobriety as well.


Bullet 2.) What stresses do you have in your life that can be attributed as a trigger for you to resort to drinking/drugs to cope?  Now this is where you really have to let down your wall and be open about this, even if it’s only to one person. In most cases of addiction, you are generally dealing with something in the past. Whether you may have been a victim of physical/verbal abuse, sexual assault, life threatening incident, depression, PTSD, etc, we have to identify the main, underlining issue as to why you resort to drinking or doing drugs. You will have to deal with this demon head on to gain control.

Addiction Recovery Radio Self Esteem

Bullet 3.) focuses on how you feel about yourself in it’s current state. Is your self esteem suffering? If so, from what? Are you ashamed you are an addict? If so, you can reverse that feeling by making an effort to enter recovery. Can i change the past? You bet you can, but it takes time and baby steps to accomplish.

Addiction Recovery Radio Hobbies

Bullet 4.) addresses keeping yourself occupied in a positive manner. This is where you may want to think about picking up a new hobby. Something you feel you would really enjoy. For some, things like photography, painting/drawing, building things, fixing mechanical issues or gardening are just a few ideas. Having accomplishments promotes positive energy and keeps your mind off the addiction demon.

Addiction Recovery Radio No Hurt

Bullet 5.) Who have i hurt or affected as an addict? Now this is a big one because in most cases, there is a wrath from your trail. This is where most people feel guilt. The good news is, most people will forgive your past, especially when they see you making a true effort to change your situation. For some, it’s much easier to write an apology to someone who is a victim of your addiction, rather than a face to face meeting. The bottom line here is, making the effort to apologize for the past and seek forgiveness to move forward. In some cases, you may never get the forgiveness from someone you have hurt. In this case, you will have to simply chalk this one up as a learning experience and understand that a loss of someone good has taught you a valuable lesson you won’t want to repeat.

Addicted Family

Bullet 6.) Should i tell my family? Absolutely, there is no better stability rock than family. Even if you have had a past of relapsing when given help by them, there is generally still a few members who will extend an offer to help you. In many cases, if you have burned a bridge with family, there is a chance you can turn that around when they see how serious you are taking recovery and completing the steps necessary for sobriety. On many addiction shows, you see the same thing happen. Family is hurt, family has resentment from the past and you are on the fence about treatment. Once you realize it’s time to get help, your family is there 100% to support you in this big step.

Following these first 6 steps to identify where you stand is going to set you on the right path to recovery and choosing the best treatment program for yourself.

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