Mindy McCready’s Suicide – Dr. Drew On The Defensive

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For those of you who have followed Dr. Drew and his show Celebrity Rehab, know Mindy McCready was on Season 03 back in 2010. Sadly, she had committed suicide on February 17th 2013 of a self inflicted gunshot wound to her head. She had also shot and killed her dog. A month prior, her husband David Wilson, had also committed suicide on the very same porch.

Oddly enough, on February 6th 2013, McCready was ordered by a judge to enter rehab because of concerns from her father. There were some reports that she fell into a deep depression, using alcohol and was unfit to care for her 10th month old baby and older son. Just two days after being ordered to rehab, she was released from her ordered rehab as doctors felt she didn’t suffer from a mental illness . This is where things turned bad and all interventions at this point seemed to have failed. Her children were placed into foster care after being sent into rehab, even though she was released just days later. She has just received custody of her older son in December 2012 after years of custody battles with her mother.

Mindy is one of 5 celebrities to have died since completing Dr. Drew – Celebrity Rehab.  Season 3 alumni Mike Starr from Alice in Chains and “Real World” alum Joey Kovar both overdosed and died,  in 2011 and 2012. From the second season, both “Grease” actor Jeff Conaway and Rodney G. King, , died in 2011 and 2012. Dr. Drew has gone on the defensive with his reality show “Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew” and what some believe, is stepping over the line for a reality show.

So we have to raise the question… Is filming a reality show based on celebrities addictions and demons proper for treatment and recovery? I personally dont agree with filming their recovery process. The reason i feel this way is because they are known people, which removes damn near all privacy and places them in the lime light. I don’t feel its anyone’s business to be knee deep in their personal lives, especially when we are talking about severe addiction problems. This should be done in a closed environment.

I also feel Dr. Drew’s approach to treatment and recovery does not work well with celebrities. When you have had 5 people die over a 5 season period, many of which, were from the same season, it indicates the process isn’t working correctly. These are not normal people by far, so being in the media spotlight constantly and pretty much given a negative stigma doesn’t promote a healthy recovery.

In Dr. Drew’s earlier career, helping people was his top priority. Over the last 15 years, Drew has made it a million dollar business. I find it wrong to take advantage of these people with their addictions, just to blast them all over TV and ruin whatever career they had left. What kind of doctor would even consider all privacy removed from the treatment process to begin with? Oh that’s right, doctors who are there for money and ratings, that’s who. Look at his tweeter feed as proof…

I think its time Dr. Drew takes his “help” off the TV and focuses on real patient treatment because his track record is in the trashcan. If he wants to remain on TV, i think its time for him to remove himself from the treatment process all together because these processes of his just aren’t working as they should.

Mindy was set to release a video on suicide prevention following David’s suicide just last month. In the video, Mindy goes on to talk about how suicide is preventable… Hmm, interesting now isn’t it?

Sadly, People Magazine is reporting that Mindy was given various stories to the sheriffs department in regards to David’s death, which made the dept question her story. Her publicist goes out to say she wasn’t making any sense with her variations with the story lines she had given investigators and Mindy herself felt as if investigators were not done interrogating here yet. However, in other new outlets, the sheriffs have come forward and said she was never considered a suspect in Davids death or was ever considered suspicious.

Mindy had made 3 attempts at suicide since 2005 as she has been battling Alcoholism and Drug Addiction.

Unfortunately for Mindy, i believe the loss of her children to foster care is what sent her over the edge this past weekend. Family is everything during treatment and recovery. States have a huge reputation for never returning children in drug and alcohol abuse related cases once the kids are placed in foster care.

Oh and let’s not forget the hot debate over increased gun control spurting out of the mouth of the media. Now the use of guns used during suicides are “bringing concerns” and liberals are calling for increased gun legislation because of it. You know, if a person wants to commit suicide, they will do it by any means possible… not just guns people.

RIP Mindy

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