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Opiate Addiction In America – ARR44

by Kevin on September 3, 2014

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Today we talk about opiate abuse in today’s America. Opiate Addiction is on the rise due to doctors who believe in pain management through pills. Once cut off from their pill source due to losing their job to addiction or some other reason, now resort to using heroin.¬† Many Americans today are going to the cheaper heroin due to prescription medication abuse of opiates such as Oxycontin and Oxycodone. Once their sources dry up, they need to feed that addiction, which is where the lower cost heroin comes into play. This is a HUGE problem in America today and it becomes worse as pain management is handled by doctors through prescription medication rather than alternatives. Many stars such as Seymour Hoffman are a victim of opiate abuse as well, resulting in death. Let’s not forget the amount of heroin being smuggled in through the border states of California/Texas sourcing through Mexico. Continue To Full Article