Whitney Houston’s Death A Cover Up – Cociane Is The Cause Instead Of Prescription Medication?

by Kevin on April 11, 2012









I remember when her death was announced. Internet Tabloids had listed “…a plethora of sedatives including Lorazepam, Valium, Xanax, and a sleeping medication that was found in her hotel room,” additionally, with alcohol. Those drugs themselves mixed together along with alcohol, is enough to kill you. It was another nail in the coffin for pharmaceutical companies. Perhaps higher regulation is needed for monitoring what’s being dispensed to patients. Especially those, whom are abusing them. Maybe now, something good could of came out of all of it? Nope, i am sure political power found its way even into the L.A Coroners dept.

Unfortunately for Whitney Houston, she died from most likely a collapse caused by unconsciousness, that allowed her to fall into a bath tub with hot water in it and drown. The autopsy did list some scalding burn marks on her body. Even 8 hours AFTER she was dead, still lying on the hotel floor while investigators trampled around the room,t he water temperature was still 93.5F degrees! These drugs mixed together, diluted with alcohol, causes a toxic interaction with each other. But which drugs interact to cause this? Its simple, Lorazepam and Alcohol will do it. Lorazepam is used to relieve anxiety. Lorazepam is in a class of medications called benzodiazepines. It works by slowing activity in the brain to allow for relaxation.

If you review the autopsy report, you will seen numerous contusions on the face, nose, lip, arms,wrist, etc, which all play together with her passing out, then falling into the tub face down. We also know, there would be a lot more water in the lungs too for a drowning.

We all know Whitney used Cociane… it wasn’t any secret and with 16 years of it under her belt, do you think that small baby bump of hit caused her to just fall into the tub? I call BULLSHIT.

It wasn’t until later that the coroner changed their stand of her death. Originally, she died due to drowning due to a combination of prescription drugs and alcohol. Then a few weeks later after her lab results come back, it’s then blamed on cocaine. Yet, in the autopsy report, there’s no signs of cardiac arrest… Interesting, isn’t it? Who’s covering who’s ass here? I think if Obama want’s to get involved in something political to help his campaign, he needs to step away from the Treyvor Martin case and put some real pressure on these companies who make the drugs, the pharmacies who fill the prescriptions and of course, the doctors who are giving these bogus prescriptions out to begin with. Hell, there was more done in the Michael Jackson case to bogus prescriptions then what was done for Whitney. Unfortunately, it was simply easier to just blame the street drugs.

So let’s look at why my opinion sways towards the medication being the culprit more then just the street drugs, shall we?

Whitney Houston’s behavior the night of her death is also entirely consistent with the acknowledged side effects of taking psychiatric drugs. Those side effects include:

• Aggression
• Rage and hostility
• Twitches and tremors
• Mania, agitation

It doesn’t take an expert in any field to acknowledge her public display of acting bizarre was from the psychosis of these medications, mixed along with alcohol. So why stick up for these pharmaceutical companies and push the blame on the street drugs? What kind of pressure did the Los Angeles County Coroners receive? What’s the political agenda to change what the told the family, her cause of death was?

Well its a relatively simple question that can be answered with, money. Media companies, you know, like news stations, get a lot of money from pharmaceutical companies. Why would they bad mouth the very people who pay their bills? It’s like the old famous question… When have you EVER read a bad speaker review? You won’t because proceeding the review, is a two page advertisement from the very same company… amazing!

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